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Draught for Converting the Frigate HMS Ceylon  to a Troopship, 1813
ink on heavy, laid paper, 21 1/2 x 51 1/4 inches, with re-fit outlined in red; annotated on the reverse "Ceylon of 38 guns as fitted for a Troop Ship"; paper watermarked 'Ruse & Turner / 1811'

              Fine and rare, original Admiralty Office sheer profile draught of the HMS Ceylon (former Bombay), as executed in 1813 to guide her conversion into a troopship.  HCS Bombay was a teak-built, fifth rate of 38-guns built in the Bombay Dockyard of the Honourable East India Company and was launched on 27 April 1793. The Royal Navy purchased her in 1805 and renamed her HMS Bombay.  On 10 July 1807, after a chase of 12 hours, she captured the French Navy brig Jaseur of 12 guns off Little Andaman.  On 1 July 1808, she was renamed HMS Ceylon.   She was captured by the French frigate Venus and the corvette Victor on 17 September 1810, following a battle during which she lost ten men killed and 31 wounded, before hauling down her ensign.  She was recaptured, along with Venus, by a British squadron, subsequently participating in the reduction of Ile de France the following year.  In 1812 she was laid up in ordinary at Chatham and the following year, she was refitted as a troop transport.   She served in this capacity during 1814-15 with Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane's fleet on the North American station (including the Chesapeake, New Orleans, and Georgia campaigns).  With the evacuation of Cumberland Island in March 1815, she carried black refugees and part of the Corps of Colonial (Black) Marines from that place to Bermuda, then returned to England with part of the British expeditionary force to reinforce Wellington's command prior to Waterloo.  Following that battle,  Ceylon was attached to the squadron that carried Napoleon into final exile at St. Helena (carrying part of Napoleon's military staff and personal household

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